This site was designed and is maintained by Dr. Kenneth Zwolski, Professor of Nursing, College of New Rochelle, New York.

Contact: doctorz@epathoplus.com

The site is intended for use by both my undergraduate and graduate students in pathophysiology, although anyone interested in knowledge relevant to health, disease and clinical nursing situations will find it useful.

This site originally premiered in 1998 as "The PathoPlusPage" . The current version, "ePathoPlusPage" represents a redesign of the original, with an attempt to streamline the interface. It includes much of the old, while introducing newer material.

The section , Lectures, provides outlines for both my undergraduate NUR 304 and 306 courses. My suggestion to students is to print the outlines and bring them to class. Students in my graduate courses will also find this material useful as a basis for review.

The section, Features , includes a section on Questions and Answers, which describes interesting facts and research, a section titled, From Television and Cinema, which explains pathophysiology encountered in the media and two sections, Sample Tests and Crossword Puzzles, to be used as learning and drill tools for my students.

The section, Plus, provides useful information in the area of health and disease; information which doesn't fit into the format of the Features or Lectures sections.

I hope to keep adding new and relevant material over time. I appreciate your feedback.